I’ll keep adding entries to this list of useful and interesting resources.

Private Pilots Group
A great group using telegram messenger for friendly private aviation networking, discussion, advice and knowledge sharing open to all pilots.

Erlend Vaage’s CB-IR Theory Books
Head over to Erlend’s website to find information about the CB-IR, not limited to highly recommended CB-IR theoretical books that show true effort, or download the books directly via the Apple Bookstore

EuroGA.org Forum
The home of interesting, informed and intelligent discussion about General Aviation in Europe.

Andrew R. Wood
Andrew is an Aeronautical Engineer based in Johannesburg, South Africa and writes about engineering, investing, entrepreneurship and economics.

A website Andrew R. Wood (see above) started in 2017 dedicated to providing high quality tutorials, calculators, and teaching aids to the next generation of pilots and aerospace professionals.

COPA – Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association
The Nr. 1 resource for anything related to Cirrus airplanes. The best 65 USD spent if you are interested in the Cirrus SR20, SR22, SR22T or the SF50 jet.

Excellent website of a very accomplished ga pilot on general aviation topics including Cirrus aircraft and many fantastic images.

Most european ga pilots, especially those flying IFR, are thankful for this fantastic flight planning resource, provided free of charge by an accomplished ga pilot. Check out the telegram messenger bot feature for instant weather information, slot coordination and flight plan changes. Thank you, Autorouter!

Flight School – Punitz Flug
A friendly and flexible EASA ATO (approved training organization) for all your EASA flight training needs at reasonable prices.