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  • EASA BIR Basic Instrument Rating
    The short summary of the BIR is that for the theory exams, you’ll be memorizing only around 1400 questions instead of over 4000 (CB IR). A major improvement. For the practical part, there are no minimum flight hour requirements.
  • FAA STC on EASA aircraft
    Are you an EU aircraft owner and would like to apply for validation of an FAA STC to be installed on your EASA aircraft? Application for EASA validation of FAA Supplemental Type Certificates classified as Basic and limited to one serial number As one of the effects of the BASA (Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement) between the USA and EU, EASA …
  • EASA Part-ML (Pilot Owner) Maintenance
    Changes and new possibilities in light aircraft maintenance for owner pilots Since March 2020, EASA Part-ML is in effect. The rules governing the maintenance of light airplanes are set into law and apply to all applicable airplanes bearing an EASA registration, no matter the national country. This article is meant as a brief overview to EASA Part-ML for a typical …
  • Portoroz & Venice in a tricked out Cessna 172
    Ever wondered what a trip in a Cessna 172 with family to Portoroz and Venice looks like? Here we go.
  • EASA CB IR Instrument Rating Course
    A flexible and pragmatic approach to a full ICAO IFR rating in Europe Update: Read here about the new EASA BIR (BASIC Instrument Rating) It is often described among the flying community as the biggest step in a pilot’s career: the Instrument Rating, qualifying a pilot to fly using IFR and in IMC (i.e. without external visual reference). It includes …