Hi there! My name is Patrick. Welcome to my site. Thanks for stopping by. I’m a pilot from Austria, Europe. Over the last 10+ years I had the opportunity to spend over 6000 hours flying single and multi engine pistons, turboprops and jets, including the Boeing 777 and 787.

Aside from my airline career I enjoy mentoring and instructing, mostly IFR on privately owned planes. I’ve done a fair amount of safety piloting and mentoring on the Cirrus SR22 series, criss crossing Europe several times.

I also enjoy flying with my family and friends. Some memorable trips include a day-trip to go boating in Portoroz LJPZ in a DA40 or a night VFR flight in a Piper Comanche to Big Bear L39 east of Los Angeles.

I read way too many aviation publications and am always studying different aircraft types, be it a Cessna 150 or a Citation 2+. I don’t have a favorite plane, but I would say I have a sweet spot for the TBM-940 and Pilatus PC12, maybe stemming back from my days flying a twin turboprop around Europe.

I’m very actively following and reading up on EASA regulations about commercial/non commercial (NCO, NCC, CAT) operations as well as maintenance requirements (M, ML).

I’m always happy to meet new people and fellow pilots. Say hi using the contact page or join the Private Pilots group on Telegram to chat.

Fly safe, Patrick

Happiness lies in the air